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Abe Kogan's Photographs

Abe Kogan's Photography

Abe Kogan is an inveterate traveller. In this online Gallery, he presents collections of images that tell stories about the cities he visited.

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Florence Collection

Havana Collection

Split Seconds?

The notion of 'split seconds' came about as Abe mulled over publishing a book featuring some of the images he had taken during a visit to Cuba. He mused that his camera's shutter speed had averaged around 1/125 of a second for the hundred or so images. So the duration of all the action recorded in all 110 pictures added together was less than a second. Thus, a series of such books would indeed 'Split Seconds'.

The Books

Abe's book of images and comment about Havana became available in November 2018. The Florence book becomes available in the Fall of 2019. Plans are well advanced for Split Seconds books featuring Djakarta, Hong Kong, Surabaya and Tokyo

Split Seconds: Havana

Released in November 2018. It fea­tures the people, the archi­tec­ture and, of course, the icon­ic 50’s era cars of Cuba’s cap­it­al city. The book is read­able, edu­ca­tion­al and a col­lect­ors’ item.

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Split Seconds: Florence

Released in October 2019. Florence, they say, is the birth­place of the Renais­sance. And, it is the back­drop for Abe Kogan’s skill­ful black-and-white pho­to­graphy presen­ted in this book.

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Split Seconds: Hong Kong

For release in February 2020. The book explores the city fam­ous for dense urb­an­ism and high-rise mar­vels. Tower­ing obelisks and repet­it­ive facades stand in stark con­trast to com­plex cul­tur­al roots  born of com­prom­ise between Chinese tra­di­tion and Brit­ish influ­ence.

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