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About Abe Kogan

Abe Kogan is an international entrepreneur, award-winning photographer and writer, world traveller, FIA Historic Formula One Class A champion racing driver, and film producer. His latest film, Matra Racing/The Rebirth, is now in worldwide circulation and acclaimed as a collectors’ item. Kogan is fascinated by time and change and is on a unique mission to photo journalise a sequence of regions and cities, each for their particular attributes within the nature of time and change.

For him, beauty is more than skin deep. He finds it in many formats — works of art, graf­fiti, archi­tec­ture, arti­facts, and every­day objects. People get the same kind of treat­ment. The present­a­tion is can­did, dir­ect and thought pro­vok­ing. Some­times it’s droll but nev­er unkind or judge­ment­al. Abe uses pre­dom­in­antly black and white and tends to avoid land­scapes and seascapes.

Abe Kogan - Photographer